The Big Picture: We should not be sitting around, we should be mounting our horses

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 Feast of St Ephrem,  June 9, 2021

Friends of LifeTree,

Before we read Mary Margaret McFarland’s essay The Big Picture let me just say that St. Ephrem fought against the gnosticism of his day.  Let me add a little comment that goes back to the late 1980s when gnosticism revealed its presence in healthcare.

Many of you will remember that LifeTree began sending out emails in the mid- 2000s after we studied mainly two foundation’s programs.  They were 1) the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s late 80’s 6-year SUPPORT Study which studied “how we die in America” and 2) George Soros’ healthcare transformation program begun in the mid-90s called “Project on Death in America” which funded the development of a new subspecialty called Palliative Medicine.

Shortly after the turn of the century we at LifeTree discovered that the NC Medical Society was using the new subspecialty of palliative medicine to promote through legislation the moderate form of euthanasia.  (See our timeline, especially the introduction, at  With the help of the Holy Ghost we realized that a bill which purported to ban physician assisted suicide included safe harbor exceptions that would have made it legal to hasten death in NC.  The exceptions were about overmedication using pain drugs and withdrawing life sustaining procedures as long as the actions followed the NC state statutes. The 2003-04 bill did not pass in NC although a similar bill became law in several other states.

The coronavirus pandemic reflects the globalist goal of institutionalizing palliative medicine for treating the elderly and the very sick and much, much more. What is happening now is that big data has become involved. They are using large data sets and algorithms to determine our medical treatments. It’s called Precision Medicine. High on the list of promoters of Precision Medicine are the very same people who are part of the public healthcare mafia promoting universal vaccines. These are the very same people that Mary Margaret McFarland is writing about in her essay.

Mary Margaret McFarland’s essay reflects the big foundations, big tech, big media, big pharm, big government plan that is based on a”successful” rollout of  the COVID vaccines for the purpose of drastically depopulating the world and taking control of the non-elitists who remain.

Here is her excellent essay.

Let us follow in the footsteps of St. Joan of Arc.  We are in a battle of good vs. evil!

Mary Margaret McFarland’s standing orders:

            “PLEASE.  There is a Big Picture, and we all are a part of it.
            We MUST get up…. We MUST take heart and have courage.
            We MUST fight back against the Evil in our midst.”

Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD 

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