Vera Sharav: Holocaust Survivor explains the 4th Reich

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Feast of St. Catherine Laboure, Nov. 28, 2021

Friends of LifeTree,
(The interview starts about 1 minute into this video)

Here is a short summary of the first 30 minutes of a 2-hour interview with Vera Sharav.

The history of the holocaust is most relevant to what is happening now. Informed consent for medical experimentation on people and voluntary informed consent to disclose the risks when animals are tested are both missing. This is very dark, says Sharav in a recent interview.

She is a witness again! As it was happening then people did not take Hitler seriously. Hitler was thought of as a raving maniac. Germany lost WWII but the Nazis continued. Those who survived were rescued by the Allied forces. Regrettably, they and their successors have been preparing for the 4th Reich (the 4th Industrial Revolution) and planning for decades to rearrange a New World Order. The vaccine is central to this plan.


Big pharma and big government are calling the shots. They do not tell us what is in the “vaccinations”. We are dealing with eugenics. Eugenics is the virus that never went away. As a young girl Sharav witnessed the Nazi takeover and sees similarities. “We are at a very dangerous stage.” She warns of mass exterminations. Depopulation is very much a reason for the mandatory vaccines. For those who survive she warns that we will be forced to become slaves.

The vaccine is a perfect vector to insert things into our bodies. They use doubletalk when they say this is all about our health. Because she has spoken out, she is on their hit list of people they are trying to snuff out.

They are using the same Goebbels Playbook using propaganda to justify lockdowns, masks and social distancing. Create fear. This is what the monsters of old used to get people to march in step. They have big plans. They plan to take over all resources of work, e.g. exploit oil, etc and even take control of those people who remain.

Their power comes from so much wealth. They have bribed every head of state. The public needs to ask “How much did you get?” The boosters amount to an endless stream of income.

From the outset, they have been given total immunity from any harm they might cause. They knew it was going to be a harmful project. People are in a trance. They don’t ask questions. Sharav calls this willful ignorance.

She praises the fact that people are resisting and are not going away. But, we hear nothing from our religious leaders with the exception of 3 rabbis in Brooklyn who have come out strong. They are saying “no on children”, “no on adolescents”, “no on pregnant women”, “no on the elderly”.

God gave us the ability to find the truth and we are to choose knowledge over obedience. Enough of us need to rise up and say NO!

Today is the day we call upon the graces of the Miraculous Medal and ask for Our Lady’s guidance as we join the battle of all ages.

Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD

Addendum: One hundred and nine-one years ago yesterday the Blessed Mother appeared to Daughter of Charity novice Catherine Laboure in France. She was standing on the world with her feet crushing the head of a serpent, with a “globe in her hands. Her eyes were lifted up to Heaven and her countenance was radiant as she offered the globe to Our Lord.” Our Lady asked that a medal be made of her image, containing rays of grace that can change the world and have not yet been asked for. A miraculous medal worn with faith and love makes tsunami-size waves. We are now in a time of greatest need for God’s grace through the intercession of the Madonna of the Miraculous Medal.