Who’s Who in the Covid Criminal Network

February 18, Feast of St. Simon Friends of LifeTree, https://media.mercola.com/ImageServer/Public/2022/February/PDF/covid-criminal-network-pdf.pdf A diagram of the COVID Criminal Network is more complicated than you can ever imagine!  Inside this Mercola link is a way to find the pdf of a 170 page document[1], a document which explains … Continue readingWho’s Who in the Covid Criminal Network

The Origin of Covid-19

In a series of three articles Dr. Cuddy goes into depth stressing the connections between NIH (especially Dr. Fauci’s NIAID) and the Chinese military.  Dr. Cuddy offers the results of his personal research emailing people and searching the internet.  His conclusion is that there is strong evidence that the Chinese military was funding a ‘secret program’ going back to at least 2003 to develop a bioweapon that would have an impact on the entire world — the world’s economies, its healthcare systems and a drastic reduction in the world’s population.  Dr. Cuddy includes a report … Continue readingThe Origin of Covid-19