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January 25, 2022, Eve of the Feast of St. Athanasius

Friends of LifeTree,

The signs of the times struck again in Europe last Sunday, January 23rd! Police in Brussels literally used hose cannons to tear down the platform and shut down the Press Conference that was just beginning in front of at least 300,000 people. The program was put together by Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Europe.

(Warning: this video begins at the 4 minute mark.) It contains short 2-minute remarks by the majority of those who were not permitted to give their presentations at “A Call to Europe – Press Conference.” Among of the leading advocates against the gene therapy “vaccine” were Rienhard Fuellmich, an international lawyer leading the effort to hold the perpetrators of mass genocide responsible under the Nuremberg Code, Catherine Austin Fitts, a financial expert who explained we are being led into a digital currency world and the Central Bankers are taking down certain economies of the world according to desires of the global elites and Mary Holland, President and General Council of the Children’s Defense Fund who said the virus was manufactured, the vaccines don’t work, are not safe and we must stand up for our fundamental rights.

Please give your special attention to the concluding remarks delivered by holocaust survivor Vera Sharaf (starts at 25 minutes). She likens today’s lock-downs, mask mandates and vaccines to how the Nazi’s used fear and propaganda during WWII to control the Jews. She explains that in the name of public health we are again experiencing medical mass murder and are on the verge of experiencing a global holocaust.

She mentions that so far 38,000 Europeans have died after the shot and that 3 million plus Europeans have suffered injuries. She says we are at a catastrophic juncture in human history.

By means of the vaccine shots she says they are implanting surveillance technology into our bodies to enslave us. They are joining the digital with the physical and the biological. They will be able to control our finances, our travel, our children and even our thoughts remotely.  This is called transhumanism.

They are restricting effective medical treatments of the elderly, children with degenerative diseases, others who are deemed useless and in general all of us. (Remember the courageous sermon delivered by Bishop Clemens August Count von Galen to the German people during WWII. Bishop von Galen said they were witnessing state-sanctioned mercy killings. He explained clearly their obligations of conscience. I wrote about this bishop and posted my thoughts on the LifeTree website 10 years ago. )

The real virus is eugenics.  Their primary objectives are Global Population Reduction and Control.

SILENCE IN THE FACE OF EVIL IS EVIL.  We are at the most important juncture in human history of all time.  Please do what you can to not allow the holocaust to happen again!  Never again is now!

Please take the time to listen to Vera Sharaf, someone who has lived what we are beginning to experience, and the other leaders who are fighting to protect humanity. Wake up now.  Do not obey tyrants’ orders.

On the eve of his feast day we pay special attention to St. Athanasius the Great, the chief defender of Christian orthodoxy in the 4th Century battle against Arianism.

Prayers to St. Michael in the battle for truth to power,
Elizabeth D. Wickham, Executive Director