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Feast of Our Lady of La Salette, Sept. 19, 2021

Friends of LifeTree,

In 1846, one hundred seventy-five years ago on this very day, a ‘Beautiful Lady’ appeared to two children in the French Alps: Maximin GIRAUD, eleven years old, and Melanie CALVAT, almost fifteen, were watching their herds on the slope of Mont Planeau. The lady asked for prayers and penance to help prevent a profound chastisement being prepared by her Son because of the sins of the world.  The unknown Lady spoke to the Children.  “We were drinking her words”, they would say later, adding, “she wept all the time she spoke to us”.

The sins against humanity have never been darker.  Listen to John O’Looney blow the whistle on the COVID plot set up by Mr. Global.  He explains that the deaths in 2020 were not “excess” at all because of a so-called coronavirus-19.  Most deaths were simply labeled as COVID.  (We  know now that COVID is a bioweapon let loose upon the world.)  Then, in 2021 he says that a large number of deaths are the result of the mRNA vaccine. 

Last week the US Federal government declared war on those who refuse to be vaccinated.  Unless we submit to the vaccination we will lose jobs, lose benefits we are entitled to, etc.  Essentially we will become second class citizens and some of us may even be confined in a facility.   

Facebook has already taken down the link referenced below

In this video John O’Looney says we must take up the fight.  Facebook has already taken down the video referenced in the original e-mail but this bitchute link is still available.

We must band together and expose the lies and tricks they are using to push the vaccine.  We must fight these evil people for the sake of our families, friends and all of humankind!

Say a special prayer to Our Lady of La Salette.  Ask her to be with you as you take on the armor of the saints. 

Elizabeth D. Wickham,

On Sunday, September 19, 2021, 5:50 AM, Barbara J. Kralis <> wrote:

From: Marie Tucker <>
Date: September 18, 2021 

Video from Brave UK funeral Owner! Chilling, corroborated, detailed PROOF about false COVID death during 2020- they were told to show false DX on death certificates for entire year.     Then in 2021, they all now witness all deaths are caused by VAX, the proof is with 45 Funeral owners in UK!         They see the VAX murders from their funeral work – they have front row seats to VAX euthanasia.    He has 45 other UK Funeral Owners corroborating with him, revealing 100% same figures! They are all witnessing the VAX euthanasia murders arriving at their funeral homes since day one of VAX startup in 2021.  And They all fear they will be murdered for revealing these truths!     Concentration camps have been built all over UK, US, AU for people who resist VAX!    Must watch. Pass on.    People must wake up, speak up!  Barb